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Imagine entering your next class or taking your next big test with the abilities and confidence to succeed! Hypnosis can help you improve your study skills for higher test results and improved academic achievements.

Hypnosis cannot replace studying, reading, or listening, but it can improve your study skills to retain information and recall it when needed. To learn more, please call (703) 341-6655 for no-obligation details.

The experience was phenomenal. Life has gotten better and better. My spouse has noticed a significant change in outlook and attitude. I feel in greater control of my life and confident in the ability to shape my future. Hypnosis has been tremendously successful. Life changing. Successful where other forms of counseling have failed. I came for performance and test anxiety, confidence in academic prowess. Success is now achievable and sustainable.

– Gavin R.


Thank you Jason. And FYI, I PASSED!

– Gail P.


Have you ever down to an exam and froze up? Is studying a painful chore for you? Hypnosis can help reprogram you for success!

Contact us today to get the tools to study better and improve your study skills and overall academic performance!

The relaxed atmosphere that Jason created was very positive. I was already comfortable with the idea of hypnosis, however Jason’s friendliness and positive demeanor was great. The self-hypnosis has been great for relaxing. It was great working with you, Jason. I appreciate the help and self-hypnosis techniques you taught me.

– Dustin O.


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