Hypnosis for Fears, Apprehensions, and Phobias

Free yourself from your fears and apprehensions!

Fears and phobias can hold a person back from experiencing an uninhibited life.

Are you afraid of getting on an airplane for your upcoming vacation or business trip? Perhaps you get a cold chill thinking about stepping foot into an elevator. Perhaps you are terrified to speak in front of a crowd of people? Maybe snakes or spiders make you want to jump out of your skin? Hypnosis can help banish or overcome fears forever!

overcome fear with hypnosis

Yes! We can help you to quickly overcome your fearsConsider the fact that a fear, apprehension, or phobia is an emotional response that had to be LEARNED. It’s your mind’s natural tendency to create this kind of feeling out of protection. We can help you to use hypnosis as a means to un-learn the fear and retrain the protective thought patterns.

I just wanted to send an email to thank you! I flew last week to Chicago and Miami and was so relaxed and actually fell asleep on the flights! You really have changed my life and the way I see flying. Going from panic attacks to sleeping on a flight is unreal! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

– Megan L.


I want to thank you soooo much for your help on Tuesday. I went to the doctors and got my blood taken first try. I didn’t even flinch. Thank you so much.

– Cindy M.


You can conquer this fear and remove the anxiety or feelings of panic. We will work with you privately, one-on-one, to help you break through and eliminate your fear. Hypnosis has a successful track-record when it comes to overcome fears in as little as two or three sessions. We use the latest techniques to neutralize the fear and provide you with positive ways to conquer your fears.

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Successful for my fear of flying! Great detailed explanation about the process, technique, history, and success stories. It also impacted other situations that I was anxious like public speaking.

– Jennifer A.


I found Jason after a year of dealing with a horrible fear of flying set off by one particularly bad flight. Generally, I am pretty skeptical person but decided to give hypnosis a try when other more traditional methods of dealing with my fear were unsuccessful. It worked 100 percent for me — since working with Jason I have had no problem flying. I am amazed by the result and would encourage anyone willing to take this process seriously to give Jason a try. Aside from the great results, Jason is extremely professional, obviously takes what he does very seriously, and genuinely wants to help.

– Joanna P.


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