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August 2012

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Hypnotic Focus
“Stop Smoking, Northern Virginia!”
By Jason Linett, BCH, CI

It’s not about quitting or giving anything up. It’s about taking control of your life.

Almost half of the clients I see in my office are people whose goal is to become nonsmokers. It’s no surprise, as hypnosis for smoking cessation was found to be the “most effective way of giving up smoking” in a study at the University of Iowa. This study states that “on average, hypnosis was over three times as effective as nicotine replacement methods and 15 times as effective as trying to quit alone.” Many other studies support this research.

The Center of Disease Control states that almost one in five adults in the United States smoke cigarettes, and nearly half of them try to quit each year.

Why make the change? In my experience, each person comes in with their own unique experiences and goals, which is why customization leads to the best success.

There’s the nervous dad who just became a father. There’s the woman who recently lost 75 pounds and is now in training for a marathon. There’s the fireman who almost didn’t have the respiratory strength to get out of a burning building. There’s the woman who needed to stop before an upcoming surgery.

The best plan is to quit smoking is to do it for your own reasons. Here are just a few:

You will be healthier. We all know that smokers are a greater risk of cancer and heart disease, but the smoke contains carbon monoxide, which replaces healthy oxygen in the body, possibly damaging the bones, muscles, stomach, skin, and more. Nonsmokers also typically live 10 years longer.

You will save money. The average pack of cigarettes is about $5.50. The math works out to be over $2,000 spent on cigarettes a year.

You might sleep better. A recent Johns Hopkins study found that smokers are four times likely to have issues sleeping soundly throughout the night. Nicotine is a stimulant, so it’s common that new clients also reference challenges getting restorative sleep.

You can look better. Smoking has been found to speed up the skin’s aging process by damaging the tissues and blood vessels that give the skin elasticity.

You can lose weight. Yes, that’s right! Many people believe they have to gain weight when making this change, but a recent study of almost 80,000 people found that smokers were more likely to eat foods high in saturated fat and cholesterol. By restoring the senses of taste and smell back to normal, you can actually enjoy your food more, making it easier to eat less.

You will be happier. There’s a common belief that quitting smoking has to make you miserable, but a new study from Brown University linked quitting smoking to greater levels of happiness and elevated moods.

The strongest motivator I’ve found is that you will be in control of your life. Smokers have struggled for far too long trying to quit the habit, and it will finally just be just something they used to do. Even better, they can get on with their life as if they never smoked in the first place.

Jason Linett is a Board Certified Hypnotist and the Director of “Virginia Hypnosis,” a solution-oriented hypnosis practice in Alexandria, Virginia. His goal is to help clients empower themselves for changes such as reducing anxiety, overcoming fears, managing stress, eliminating procrastination, removing unwanted habits, and hypnotic pain relief. For more information, visit www.VirginiaHypnosis.com or call (703) 341-6655 for a Free Confidential Consultation.

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