If you’re struggling in your business to either  start-up or scale-up, please Read This. 

Imagine creating the success you deserve: personally and professionally.

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I’ll be blunt: there’s a reason I love working with people in business and with entrepreneurs.

You get shit done.

I’m serious. Imagine that person I see for weight loss. Yes, they’re now eating right and slimming down, but sometimes they reach a sticking point where it takes a few false-starts to get the exercise in motion.

It’s different working with people in business. You wouldn’t be where you are right now if you weren’t already someone who is:

  • Ready to follow instructions
  • Ready to hold yourself accountable
  • Ready to own past failures
  • Ready to embrace future success

However, here’s what you need to know: Even the best business strategy in the world won’t delete the negative self-dialogue and old stories that hold you back.

Model Success.

As someone who has scaled various parts of my business over the years, people often hire me for consulting on copywriting, market positioning, and targeted online advertising. They hire me to learn strategy in scripting more influential language for their potential clients, however it’s the scripting in their heads that needs change.

I’ve helped people in business to:

Overcome Imposter Syndrome

You know that voice in your head that tells you that you’re not good enough? You know that feeling where, in spite of your success, you fear you’re going to be “found out?” Together, let’s tell it to shut up. Respectfully.

Overcome Fear of Success

There was a business owner who inherited an incredibly successful kitchen installation company from his father. Unfortunately, he also inherited his father’s limiting beliefs that “all people who earn more than six-figures a year are greedy.” Once he let go of this thinking, he was able to more easily scale his success.

Overcome Scarcity Thinking

Stop focusing on what your competition is doing or all the reasons people might not do business with you. Instead, discover how to focus your mind on your strengths and actions. In the immortal words of Steve Martin, become “So good they can’t ignore you.”

Overcome Fear of Failure

The greatest thing about the past is that it’s already happened. Legend has it that Thomas Edison would celebrate when his first attempts at inventing the lightbulb exploded in a ball of fire. I would proudly admit that, while I’ve had many successes in my career, I’ve had just as many flops. Imagine the changes in your life as you keep up a positive momentum of growth in spite of hiccups along your path. Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

Scale, Scale, and Scale

What’s the biggest threat to your business? Comfort. It’s so easy to keep doing the same thing. One of the best times to rock the boat is when things are at their best. You have a greater potential to “play with the house’s money” and leverage your current successes into greater results.

Here’s what to do next:

This process begins with you.

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