If You’re Going To Work With A HypnotistThese Are The Questions You Need To Ask.

Your results are important, so I encourage you to not choose only by price and location alone.

Working with a hypnotist has become a popular and common choice to make rapid, positive changes in your life. Millions of peoples’ lives have been improved using this amazing tool of the mind. Perhaps your search began because someone you personally know had success with hypnosis. Maybe you’ve read the hundreds of stories of celebrities or dignitaries who have successfully used hypnosis like Albert Einstein, Ellen DeGeneres, Matt Damon, David Bechkam, Adele, Jessica Alba, Tiger Woods, Julia Roberts, or Bruce Willis.

Hypnosis is a natural ability of the mind, and a hypnotist is a person who has learned the skills to direct you into the state and guide you through a process to affect positive changes. Still, not all hypnotists are created equal. Hypnosis is completely safe when practiced and performed by an experienced professional.

By asking these questions, you will be ensuring the success of your sessions, and you will experience the positive changes you desire.


Is your hypnotist professionally trained and certified?

My credentials include that I’m at:

  • Certified Professional Hypnotist with the ICBCH, the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists
  • Master Practitioner of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) with the NFNLP, the National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming
  • Board Certified Hypnotist with the NGH, the National Guild of Hypnotists
  • Certified Hypnotherapist with the IMDHA, the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association
  • Certified Hypnotherapist with the IACT, the Interactional Alliance of Counselors & Therapists
  • Certified Hypnotist with the ABH, the Atlantic Board of Hypnosis

I have been approved and have been recognized as a leading instructor of hypnosis and NLP for the ICBCH, the NGH, and the NFNLP.

Not only do I train and certify people to become hypnotists, I share the honor with Richard Nongard as being a partner instructor of the ICBCH Train-the-Trainer program, qualifying other hypnotists to be improved as new instructors.

I also hold advanced specialized certifications in smoking cessation, hypnotic pain relief, and conversational hypnosis.

Here’s are two fact that may surprise you:

  1. 1
    There is no licensing for hypnotists in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, or Australia. All four of these countries are self-regulated by private organizations, which attests to why I’ve maintained my membership and qualifications with the leading communities.
  2. 2
    There are no accredited PhD titles or “Doctor” titles specifically relating to hypnosis. You might find a doctor who does hypnotist, in fact many physicians or psychologists have attended my courses. However, there is no accredited program in the USA to become a “Doctor of Hypnotherapy.

Can you find substantial experience of your hypnotist beyond their own website?

Open another browser or search tab on your device, and dig a little deeper in your research.

In the 21st century, anyone can launch an impressive looking website within a few hours or even a few daysI should know. I teach my hypnosis certification students how to start-up their businesses. I’m the creator of “Hypnotic Business Systems,” a thriving online community of practitioners worldwide supporting each other in the growth of their professional hypnosis businesses.

Browse around the web and you’ll find videos, media appearances, interviews, articles, awards, and client feedback stories about my services dating back more than a dozen years. Yes, my hair was thicker back then, and I know how to dress myself better now.

The now-classic quote is that “success leaves clues.”

The change you’re about to create is important to you, and you don’t want to someone’s first client!


Can you verify your hypnotist is actually in business?

The Jason Linett Group LLC was founded in Virginia on November 5, 2009. Prior to that I spent a few years working as a hypnotist in Downtown Baltimore in Maryland.

The name of the business refers to it being the “group” of “Jason Linett’s businesses,” which includes:

  • Virginia Hypnosis. My local brick-and-mortar office where I personally see clients in West Springfield, Virginia
  • Work Smart Hypnosis. My international training business which hosts classes locally in the Virginia Hypnosis office, training events which have taken me around the world, and digital online educational communities.
  • Work Smart Business. My published book and speaking for business audiences, professional organizations, and corporations.

I have a Trademark with the U.S. Patent Office for the “Work Smart Hypnosis” brand, I carry professional insurance through the American Professional Agency, and my business is in good standing with Fairfax County.

You’re on this website because I take what I do seriously.

Seek out the services of a professional, not someone who does this as a hobby.


Do you know who you’ll be working with?

Imagine this…

You find a nice professional website. Maybe there are a few smiling professional faces. You go through a brief consultation, and you’re excited to get started.

But wait, surprise! You’re going to be working with someone else. You’re asked to sign up for a program to meet with someone to whom you haven’t yet spoken. Even worse, there isn’t a biography of that person on the website you found, no testimonials of theirs service, no images of them, and now you’re committed to drive and reveal your personal life to a stranger.

I’m Jason Linett, and this is Virginia Hypnosis. It’s going to be you and me working together to help you create positive, powerful changes in your life. You can watch dozens of videos on this website to get to know me even before you come into the office.

Yes, this has transformed my business over the years from a large practice with an associate staff instead into a “boutique business” with premium services. My services aren’t cheap, but they aren’t expensive compared to the value of the change you are ready to create.

Here’s what to do next:

This process begins with you.

Click here to discover how to schedule your Hypnotic Strategy Session to set a plan for your success.


Does your hypnotist offer a  consultation?

Imagine this…

Yes. What are you waiting for? Click here now to learn how to schedule a phone call directly with me.

Given the volume of inquires that I receive, voicemails to the (703) 341-6655 office phone cannot always be returned, so the “Strategy Session” link above is the most reliable way to get in contact with me. If you’re an existing client or potential student, send an email to Jason@VirginiaHypnosis.com. Please allow a day or two during normal business hours for a reply.

It may seem like a benefit from others that they offer this consultation live and in-person. My schedule is often full a week to three-weeks in advance, and I feel it’s more respectful to only ask you to travel to my office as know it will be a fit for you.


Does your hypnotist have a professional office?

My business launched in Virginia on November 5, 2009. In April 2019, I migrated the office from the Franconia section of Alexandria to West Springfield, Virginia. Most locals know the popular intersection of Old Keene Mill Road and Rolling Road.

This isn’t just a hypnosis office. It’s a professional training center. I purchased a 1200-square-foot space which then went through an extensive buildout to be designed specifically for the comfort of my clients and the education of my students.

You’re not going to someone’s home. You’re not going to a closet-sized sublet space in another business. You’re not going to be in the room with a stranger with someone else’s certificates hanging on the wall.

You’re going to be working with a professional in a hypnosis center known around the world.

Many of my clients come to me by way of referral or through my educational programs, and they may not be local to Northern Virginia. I’ve had clients travel to work with me from as local as Pennsylvania, but also specifically traveled to spend time in person with me from Canada, the British Virgin Islands, the United Kingdom, and even Australia.

I must share an exception to this: travel may not always be an option. Good news: the hypnosis process is just as effective in the 21st century thanks to video conferencing software. We can also meet and work together from the comfort of your own home or office. Please click here to schedule a strategy session to get started now.


Is your hypnotist a voice in the professional community of hypnosis?

I love this stuff. It’s my life. It’s my passion.

There are people who have changed their lives through hypnotherapy because they entrusted me to help them overcome a challenge.

There are people who left behind dissatisfying careers to theoretically “run off and join the circus” to now thrive as professional hypnotists around the world, or even a few miles away from my own office.

But I can’t do it all myself. I’m on a constant mission to improve the community of professional hypnotists. I frequently refer to other related professions or even other local hypnotists when I think someone else may be a better match.

I’ve had the good fortune to travel the world and present keynote presentations in the hypnosis community. I attend these conferences with the passion to level up my game. At a recent presentation to an audience of nearly a thousand hypnotists around the world, my presentation hinged on the balance that yes, you should read your own testimonials, and you should also review your criticisms.

I take delight in discovering better ways to do the work that I do. I bring guest instructors into the area to enhance my services but also enrich the local community. As much as I teach hypnosis, the real passion is when a student takes what I’ve shared with them, makes it their own, and inspires me to become even more effective helping people like you.

Be sure your hypnotist doesn’t “practice in a bubble.” Ask about their continuing education, their attendance at hypnosis conferences, their favorite hypnosis books, and who inspires them in their career.

The more we’re all successful, the more we’re all successful.

Here’s what to do next:

This process begins with you.

Click here to discover how to schedule your Hypnotic Strategy Session to set a plan for your success.