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I had my last session with Jason about a month ago and since then I have dropped a dress size. I was an evening grazer, but I just don’t have the urge to eat everything inside the city limits anymore, even when it’s available.
Kate M
I needed to stop smoking and was ready to do so at the age of 35. I was going to try medication but before I took that step I wanted to look into Hypnosis. Did my research on-line and found (3) potential Hypnosis centers in the WDC Area I thought could help. After speaking with all three, Jason felt like a fit for me. It will be a year to the day on December 15th that I visited with Jason. Haven’t had one cigarette since our first meeting. Thank you Jason, changed my lifeAliquam ac venenatis sem. Morbi convallis sollicitudin mauris, nec varius velit vulputate vel. Proin venenatis egestas turpis eu ultrices.
Jess F
Very positive experience. Anxiety in social situations decreased significantly. I also learned strategies to help me in anxious situations. I feel that it has been very successful.
Mark V
Still not smoking and never will again. Excellent service, very clean and friendly. I was unsure of this at first, but it is very successful!
Bill D
It worked out great. I went from not able to go out with friends or to a movie to now doing whatever I want. The process gets to the main problems that you’re having and then shuts them off or controls them. Best thing that ever happened to me!
Joe B
Jason really takes the time to get to know his clients and works to figure out exactly what the problem is and what you’re looking to change. Hypnosis has been very successful. I am now so much more confident and I even enjoy talking to and meeting new people. I not only had a pleasant experience in terms of atmosphere, but the entire process is one that I wouldn’t ever want to take back! Virginia Hypnosis is like magic!
My experience has been a wonderful, successful one!! Jason is very personable and kind. He has helped me give up cigarettes and taught me self-hypnosis! I saw Jason for three sessions which I think is good – better than just one session. He visited with me briefly before each one and he encouraged me to ask questions if I had any. Jason’s very friendly and outgoing. It’s a very relaxed setting. I would ever say 100% successful, and I know I will use self-hypnosis in the future. Thank you, Jason!! A wonderful experience that put me back on the path to good health!!
Lesa J
The issues [cancer] are minimized and in a better context. [It was unique as it was] specific to medial issues. I didn’t see another provider mention that. Very successful.
Lianne B
The experience was phenomenal. Life has gotten better and better. My spouse has noticed a significant change in outlook and attitude. I feel in greater control of my life and confident in the ability to shape my future. Hypnosis has been tremendously successful. Life changing. Successful where other forms of counseling have failed. I came for performance and test anxiety, confidence in academic prowess. Success is now achievable and sustainable.
Gavin R
Changed my habits and addressed my issued successfully for healthy eating and weight loss. [You] explained the process to allay concerns or fears in the first session. Excellent results, surpassed initial expectations.
Karen T
I found Jason after a year of dealing with a horrible fear of flying set off by one particularly bad flight. Generally, I am pretty skeptical person but decided to give hypnosis a try when other more traditional methods of dealing with my fear were unsuccessful. It worked 100 percent for me — since working with Jason I have had no problem flying. I am amazed by the result and would encourage anyone willing to take this process seriously to give Jason a try. Aside from the great results, Jason is extremely professional, obviously takes what he does very seriously, and genuinely wants to help.
Joanna P
I found it easier to let go of my issues while under hypnosis as opposed to traditional therapy. I started here sleeping only every other night with a lot of anxiety weighing on my mind. Throughout the process my sleep improved, and I’ve been able to shelve my anxiety away. I felt safe knowing that I could wake from the state at anytime. Very successful!
Ellie F
As of March 24, 2012, I have been smoke-free! The experience has been wonderful. I have no urges to smoke and have a relaxed and positive attitude, without fear. [It was] very relaxaing with positive reinforcement with my progress. Even though I came for smoking, I am less anxious now. Jason is very friendly and professional.
Natalie S
Hypnosis has worked wonders for me. After years of trying to implement behavioral changes on my own I went to see Jason Linett. In one afternoon I experienced significant changes in multiple nervous habits (popping my knuckles, clenching my jaw, etc.). He was very informative and instructional, taking the time to teach me self-hypnosis. He also provided me with invaluable recordings of his, that have served to reduce my stress levels and increase my self-confidence.
Deanna W
I’ve started to make conscious decisions about when to eat, what to eat, how much to eat, and exercise. Happy with the process so far!
David D
I just wanted to send an email to thank you! I flew last week to Chicago and Miami and was so relaxed and actually fell asleep on the flights! You really have changed my life and the way I see flying. Going from panic attacks to sleeping on a flight is unreal! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!
Megan L
My nails are looking great! I finally left them alone and now just obsess to keep them looking long and healthy. It’s made a difference keeping a nail file handy too in case I accidentally chip one. I’m trying to convince my smoker friends to see you too! Thanks for your help!
Nicole M
A true growth experience in a completely professional setting. The three sessions with Jason have led to an understanding of my fear and the ability to move past it. The sessions were focused on my unique set of experiences and issues and we built upon those in a constructive way. It has removed the anxiety and replaced it with an eager anticipation – making me actually look forward to speaking. I have great confidence in Jason’s abilities.
Steve D
I feel less anxious, like I can control the anxiety with my mind. I sleep better, too. Jason is professional and personable. He has a very calm demeanor which puts me at ease. So far it has been really good. I can control my anxiety and I have gone from waking several times per night to one or fewer.
Emma K
I brought my daughter in (who is 13) to see if we could overcome a mental block she was having to performing more advanced women’s artistic gymnastic skills. From my initial phone consultation through my daughter’s third session, Mr. Linett always kept me informed about the details of the process. She seems to be a much more confident individual, secure in her ability to take on new challenges.
In the past few weeks I’ve felt a ‘shift’ internally into a more controlled state [for weight loss motivation] and with more focus and determination. I’m making better choices and enjoying how that feels. Thanks so much Jason. I’m sure I’ll see you again, and I’ll likely send referrals your way.
Ellen F
The relaxed atmosphere that Jason created was very positive. I was already comfortable with the idea of hypnosis, however Jason’s friendliness and positive demeanor was great. The self-hypnosis has been great for relaxing. It was great working with you, Jason. I appreciate the help and self-hypnosis techniques you taught me.
Dustin O
Thank you Jason. And FYI, I PASSED!
Gail P
It’s a perfect tool to coach yourself to do what you know you want and need to differently. Already I find myself being more orderly and organized, including my thoughts. I have already shared my positive experiences with Jason and know that at least some of my friends/colleages will contact him.
Pamela L
I first came to understand and act on what I want for my life. From the first session to today, I experienced for the first time a clear vision of what I want, what I have to do, and starting working on it. This actually works!
Francyni S
Thank you for taking the time to help me with my fear of public speaking. I feel a lot calmer and a sense that I understand myself. I also know that my fear of public speaking is gradually becoming my former fear of public speaking.
A. T
After my first session, I stopped eating when I wasn’t actually hungry. I had no need to finish what was on my plate, or eat until I was stuffed. I no longer snack if I’m not hungry. The weight began to come off immediately. It turns out that my body knows how much food it needs, and it will tell me, if I just listen to it! The most shocking change of all is that I’m exercising 5 or 6 days a week, swimming or running. I have never done that in my life! It has been 12 weeks so far, and I have lost 17 lbs, and 2 pants sizes. I haven’t been actively trying for a while, but it keeps coming off! Thank you Jason!
Sharon B
Since our sessions I have felt tremendously better! Thank you!
Susan C
The process allows a person to achieve a goal that otherwise requires medication, or without that, seems unobtainable. To my surprise, I found that:
1.) I was able to be hypnotized easily
2.) That even after the first session, I was experiencing significant changes in my ability to fall asleep easily.
P.K. White
I found myself more open to release the awful feeling of overeating and when not wanting to. Wonderful, thanks!
Cathy H
Very safe and confidence building environment. Guided through the process well. By explaining what it is not and helping me understand the process and development my own personal tool kit. Very [successful].
Joseph D
I came to see Jason at a point where I was unable to do any of my routine job due to anxiety, fear, and sleeping problems. After the first session itself, I began to notice life changes. I was able to sleep better and started relaxing. After the second session, I improved a lot. Now I am able to perform all my duties without any worries. I like everything about your practice. Just talking to Jason for a few minutes itself relaxes you a lot
Vipin R
I feel I am on a good road to change. The process of hypnosis seems to allow me to control myself. I can avoid what is not healthy. Office is very comfortable. Eveyrthing is explained; comfortable asking questions.
Sharon R
I came to work through a crippling fear of intimacy. I have developed/remembered a greater sense of confidence in this issue as well as in general. I definitely feel more at peace and more confident to overcome issues that may creep up from time to time.
I just wanted to write with an update on how my daughter is doing. After over five months of fears with doing backwards skills on the beam, she is literally a new child. She is now doing back walkovers, and started to do back handsprings this week on beam. She’s more confident and has a new love for gymnastics, because she is no longer overcome with fear. Thank you so much for working with her. We, along with her coaches have tried so many techniques to help her with this fear. It is amazing the change that has taken place. Thank you again.
Erin S
I feel there is great personalization to these services. I have found that I can use this for many things, not just quitting smoking. I really enjoy the deep relaxation.
Rob G
I stopped picking my nails, became calm and confident in stressful situations. I sleep better at night. The unreasonable worriness and nervousness are gone. Now I feel good about myself. It gives me empowerment. Very successful. I feel at peace with myself and others.
Tatiana S
This is not my first experience with hypnosis. I had quit for 16 years with the aid of hypnosis. I went to Jason as I was not successful after some sessions with other hypnotists in the area. My experience with Jason was similar in some ways to my first experience with hypnosis, but still unique. I think my participation (both verbal and nonverbal- a nod or raising a hand) helped deepen the experience. And, I have no doubt that the follow on session is a powerful reinforcement as well. I feel confident that I will not have any more relapses. Jason is professional and comfortable to work with. Jason gets my thumbs up and I highly recommend him. Thank you!”
Judy S
I want to thank you soooo much for your help on Tuesday. I went to the doctors and got my blood taken first try. I didn’t even flinch. Thank you so much.
Cindy M
I started seeing Jason Linett to help deal with some confidence and situational anxiety. Long story short, I am amazed by the results I have seen in myself from just a few sessions. I basically feel like a revitalized person. Furthermore, other people have told me that they noticed a positive change in me. I cannot thank Jason enough for his help! My only regret is not seeing him earlier.
Chris R
Very personalized. You are open and easy to talk to. My sleep, while not perfect, is noticeably better.
Teresa D
Since our last session I have been able to put smoking away for good. This marks 2 months smoke-free. I feel great and have been able to gain back all the health that I have been missing from smoking.
Karl K
This was my first experience with hypnosis and it seemed to have helped my anxiety. My attacks have lasted from 1 week to 3 months but this last time I had one I was able to use what Jason has given me and it only lasted a couple of days. This was the first time I have had one since seeing Jason so I wasn’t sure how or if it would help me, It did! I am able to relax better. If you aren’t sure who to pick Jason is very good.
Richard B
My recall has improved a great deal!!! I would say that the level of detail and understanding made this a unique experience. Your depth of knowledge and thorough explanation of the process and being willing to accomodate my schedule made this a very comfortable experience! It was successful for me! After continuing the exercises I have continued to see improvement! Thank you Jason for your help, and if you ever want to go skydiving let me know!!!
Tracy W

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